Guides maker

This function contains of 3 scripts:

  1. Create Center Guides
  2. Create Border Guides
  3. Remove All Guides

📝 Description:
* This function is used to create guides around borders or in a center of selected layer(s) or selection;
* Guides then may be used for symmetry, to align layers, etc;
💼 Photoshop analogue:
* Create guides manually
👍 Usage:
* Select a layer, several layers of make a selection;
* Best used when placed on Brusherator


Additional script interface allows to select a specific guide to be created. In this example left guide is used to drive a Quick Symmetry function of Layer Factory:



  • Show Script Interface with a modifier: key modifier for showing the function interface (option may be set separately for Border and Center guides makers);
  • Shortcut: shows a shortcut assigned to the function;