Smart Layer Mask

📝 Description:
* This function acts both as adding and removing layer masks, one hotkey + modifier executes 4 functions: reveal selection, hide selection, apply and remove layer mask, works with several layers selected;
💼 Photoshop analogue:
* Using 4 Photoshop commands, repeating for each selected layer;
👍 Usage:
* To quickly add/remove layer mask;
* Best used when assigned to a hotkey (mine is Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+R and Alt as a modifier)

If layer doesn’t have a layer mask and there’s a selection:

  • Using SLM will create a layer mask, hiding unselected area, revealing the selection;
  • Using SLM with modifier key will create a layer mask, hiding selected area;

If layer has a layer mask:

  • Using SLM will apply the layer mask;
  • Using SLM with modifier key will remove the layer mask;


  • Use a modifier: key modifier for additional functionality mentioned above;
  • Shortcut: shows a shortcut assigned to the function;