Release Log

5 Dec 2022: Scriptorator 1.5

  • New scripts: Select Random Brush, Create Gradient from Path, Merge to Smart Object, Fill with Pattern;
  • Installers updated to support latest Photoshop versions;
  • Fill Contour script settings were moved into the Scriptorator Settings;
  • Fixed bugs;

19 Dec 2019: Scriptorator 1.4

  • New scripts: Change Text Layer Alignment, Create Custom Shape from Document, ID Pass to Layers;
  • Installers updated to support Photoshop 2020;
  • Installers will remove readonly flag from Scripts folder of Photoshop;
  • Fixed: unability to set hotkeys to specific keys using the Scriptorator Settings;

24 Sep 2018: Scriptorator 1.3

  • it’s possible to assign script hotkeys directly from Scriptorator Settings script;
  • New scripts: Set Brush Flow;

21 Aug 2019: Scriptorator 1.2

9 Oct 2018: Initial release of Scriptorator