Set Brush Hardness

📝 Description:
* This function will set a hardness (relative or absolute) for the current painting tool (brush, mixer brush, eraser, dodge…)
💼 Photoshop analogue:
* Manually switching to a particular hardness;
👍 Why I use it: Make as many copies for different hardness values as you need and place them on Brusherator or hotkeys

In this example there’re four copies of Set Brush Hardness: two relatively add/subtract 15% of hardness of Click and 30% on Ctrl+Click and two set hardness ot 50% and 100%:



  • Set Brush Hardness: type the hardness value;
  • Modifier key: modifier key can be used to additionaly change the hardness value. Modified setting will ignore the one set above;
  • Shortcut: shows a shortcut assigned to the function;