FG to inverted BG color

📝 Description:
* This function is used to change Background Color to inverted Foreground color (in RGB space), (or any other color, really);|br|💼 Photoshop analogue:
* Changing the color manually;
👍 Usage:
* To get an appropriate color for brushes with Foreground/Background expression turned on;
* Best used when assigned to a hotkey (mine is Ctrl/Cmd+`)

I love brushes with FB/BG expression in Color Dynamics turned on. However usually I have White color as a BG color so they add a lot of white to canvas. In this case I use this function to get a more beutral color as a BG color.



  • Hue Shift: Default Add of 180 = opposite color in RGB;
  • Saturation: Default Multiply of 0.5 = two times less saturation;
  • Brightness: Default Multiply of 0.5 = same brightness;
  • Modifier key: key modifier for additionally changing any property;
  • Modify Property: additional property to be changed when modifier key is used;
  • Preserve Lightness: with this option turned ON, lightness of a color won’t be modified (new in 1.1);
  • Shortcut: shows a shortcut assigned to the function;