1. Close Photoshop
  2. To install:
    • Run .exe file from Windows Install or .pkg file from Mac Install folders to install the scripts;
    • Or copy *.jsx files from Manual Install to Scripts folder of your Photoshop;

If you want to make several copies of particular scripts (like Select Brush or Set Brush Size) don’t forget to change name of the script (inside the .jsx file, inside the <name> tag) so yuo won’t confuse the copies.

Assigning to Hotkey

To assign scripts to shortcuts:

  1. Start Photoshop and navigate to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts menu;
  2. Select a Keyboard Shortcuts tab;
  3. In Shortcuts For field select Application Menus;
  4. In Application Menu Command find all the scripts in File > Scripts and assign desired shortcuts

For scripts that use modifier keys, assign two hotkeys (using the Add Shortcut button): one without the modifier and second one with the modifier. On the image above Smart Layer Mask and Quick Select have two hotkeys assigned, shift is a modifier key for Quick Select and it’s alt for Smart Layer Mask.

Hot to find scripts for editing?

Scripts are installed to the Scripts folder of any found Photoshop. To get to this folder navigate to

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Presets\Scripts for Windows
Applications\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Presets\Scripts for MacOs