Quick Select

📝 Description:
* This function is used to create selections from visible layers or a Clown (Material ID) pass, selection will stay hidden;
💼 Photoshop analogue:
* Modification of Color Range... command from Select menu;
👍 Usage:
* To quickly select areas of a color or areas from Clown (Material ID) pass;
* Best used when assigned to a hotkey (mine is Ctrl+F1, with Shift as a Clown modifier)

An example of selecting an area of color.


Note that selection (marching ants) is hidden and doesn’t obstruct the view (this is optional though).


Working with Clown (Material ID) pass

If the current document has a layer with a word clown in it, Quick Select will enable this layer when showing the Color Range dialogue.

An example of selecting a part of Clown pass. There’s a layer with clown in its name in my document, so when using Quick Select with a key modifier, Clown pass is shown while selecting and then hidden.



  • Default Fuzziness: default value for Fuzziness;
  • Hide Selection After Executing: hide selection after clicking OK;
  • Smooth ID Map selection: if used with a clown layer: smooth it a little bit;
  • Select from an ID Map with a modifier: key modifier for using a clown layer;
  • Shortcut: shows a shortcut assigned to the function;