Scriptorator Manual

Scriptorator is a free collection of scripts that I use in my workflow all the time (and obviously some of them will be useless for people with different worflows). Most of these scripts are extended or automatised versions of existing Photoshop functions. If you feel there’s something should be added here or have a request for a script, just let me know. For the moment, Scriptorator contains:

  • Quick Select: it’s like Color Range but hides this ugly selection afterwards + allows to quickly select Material Pass areas;
  • Guides maker: create guides around/in the center of a layer(s) or a selection;
  • Fill Contour: quickly fill an outline with a foreground color;
  • Quick Resize: quickly resize the document by pixels, percents or based on active layer or selection size;
  • Set Brush Size: use several copies of this script with different values to quickly switch between particular sizes for any painting tool;
  • Set Brush Rotation: set a rotation (relative or absolute) for current painting tool (new in 1.1);
  • Set Brush Opacity: set an opacity (relative or absolute) for current painting tool (new in 1.1);
  • Smart Eraser: switch between the active tool and eraser, setting the eraser tool to the same size as the brush tool;

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