Scriptorator Settings

Scriptorator Settings is a special script added in 1.1, used specially for changing settings and managing scripts.


You can access it in several ways:

  • through File > Scripts > ! Scriptorator Settings Photoshop menu item;
  • through Edit > Search Photoshop menu item, typing ! and selecting ! Scriptorator Settings;
  • if you have Brusherator installed, flyout menu includes Scriptorator Settings item;

Managing scripts

The first row of buttons:

  • Select a script you want to modify from the list;
  • Send to Brusherator: if Brusherator is installed, a current script will be added to an active shelf of any Brusherator;

The second row allows you to manage script file:

  • File Info... will show a window with options to copy file path to clipboard and open Scripts folder in file explorer;
  • Duplicate will make a copy of a current script with a new name. Use this to create several instances of scripts with different settings;
  • Rename will rename a current script;
  • Delete will remove a current script;

Last 3 options may be greyed out if Photoshop doesn’t have access to its Presets/Scripts folder. To give PS access:

  • on Mac:
    • make sure Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC XXXX/Presets/Scripts folder isn’t set to Read Only;
  • on Windows: